A CALL TO PURPOSE By AMAI My brothers and sisters, people of God Almighty, Yahweh, whom I love. Tragedy has beset us on every side, in every nation, to every generation. The unjustified police shoo…


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California Seeks Black Farmers In Part Of Nationwide Effort

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What Billie and Phyllis Sang About


Community is important. So are loved ones, compatible partners, and jobs or careers to feel appreciated for beyond what you can do for them. For black women, all this is much more important.

Black women and suicide has been a frequent but hidden and hushed event since slavery days in America, when we slipped away in the early mornings or carried out plans in the dark for relief from confusing existences as essential and valued workers, however only rewarded with unannounced inflictions of pain and sexual abuse. Along with normal feminine obligations to balance hormonal fluctuations, tend to the body, birth children, raise children, and earn income while keeping a home, black women added obligations to live through physical torture and emotional abuse on their mental to-do lists. The National Humanities Center archives oral histories, letters and newspaper reports documenting witness statements and even victims’ last words from a period of slavery in America…

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“We have to give our black girls “the Talk”- and it’s not about sex…”…my essay on the horrifying McKinney, Texas, injustice, on SheKnows.com…


The visceral and nauseating reaction I had to the videos showing what happened to some black boys and really girls down in Texas was rooted in my own lifelong unfair and discriminatory experiences, cultural memory of my black American ancestors’ experiences of U.S. domestic violence against them, and sensitivity to all women daily vulnerable to lowered standards of male behavior toward us.

Although I have sadness and compassion for all of the publicly abused and murdered #BlackLivesMatters victims, I had not been so upset like this since I heard the audio of Trayvon Martin’s final moments. The fact this broad-daylight assault was so extended, open, public, out of the shadows and knowingly videod sets it apart from the sudden, quick, and assumed unwatched events everyone has stayed so up in arms about. It told me that the more and more public murdering of black Americans goes on unprosecuted, the less and less biased police officers and racist adults will stiffen against doing whatever the hell…

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Black With Envy


Are White Women Mutilating Themselves Trying to Look Black? An Analysis
By Xavier James { thank you Mr. James for a great article }
I’ve spoken to a lot of black women who had been accused (not by me of course) of trying to look white. Although the majority of them denied the allegation, the majority of them also attributed these changes to the latest style or fashion trend. But in hindsight they were directly or subconsciously imitating what white society dictated to be the standard of beauty. You’ll be surprised what people will do to belong, to get ahead or simply survive. For centuries now, black women have felt pressured to meet a European standard of beauty, style and etiquette. And for the most part black women imitated their white counterparts as a way of coping or dealing with the rigors of the white ruling class placing their white woman and anything she wore, said or did above anything else. After so much of…

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Who Am I

Bayarrah's Blog

It seems to me that one of the realities unrecognized is that I am She.  In reflection I can see the similarities and begin to understand my “role”.  Mother’s do what Mother’s do and in that seems to be some… Due.  To be born and survive in itself is a task these days.  Choosing to come into this reality for whatever reason.  And so, when our choices seem connected to the sustaining of life and not the destruction, the advasary is uncommonly busy focusing his energy in our direction.  Yes, I believe in truth and “justice”.  But what is that in reference to the “Mother” of us all. 

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Black Women’s History Month

Reflections of time past confirm what is true now.. Recollection of Spirit a continual process… Happy Birthday Sharon & Gloria! Peace & Blessings to WE ALL!

Bayarrah's Blog

Yes, I guess you could call this a health day — mental health that is.  It’s Tuesday evening and I am a bit weary with it all.  I am attempting to undertand this life long process of becoming but questions continue to linger in the reeesses of the mind regarding the fairness of it all — and, the collective memory. 
I have been known to follow Bobby Seale’s directive and “Sieze the Time,” and so I thought I would consider March, Women’s History Month in light of the African American Woman’s experience, ergo — my discussion topic, health and wellness of the African & African American women everywhere.  As I continue my journey of healing and seeking balance in my life, I have come to understand that the balance is required between and among the physical, mental and spiritual realms of our existance.  To achieve the balance one must attend to…

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